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Fellow friends.

Dalam hidup ni, kita ada banyak pilihan. We're given free will. We can do as we choose and see fit. Tapi, banyak yang ambil pendekatan, tak ambil kisah tak ada masalah. Saya faham tu. I can perfectly understand what you're trying to be. It's safe, isn't it? Doing the same thing day in day out. Well, I feel the same way too. Seronok bila tanggungjawab kurang. Mengeluh dan letih rasanya bila ada tanggungjawab yang perlu dipikul. Ramai orang, rasa dirinya istimewa. Hendak diri dilayan istimewa. But does it ever hit the person, that he or she is just another spectator? Or as gamers would say, an NPC (non playing character). Must be frustrating to realize that.

So, what do you want to do now?

How do we change that. Well, the one who can make the real change here is you. Whoever you are, you have a potential, I don't know what kind of potential it is, but you have it. You can be whatever you want. If you want it, grab it with your hand. Kalau tak boleh c…

A little note.

Fellow friends.

I apologize.

I've deleted all of my old posts. As they no longer relevant and does not portray me or my views well.

Old mistakes are memories made. However, they are mine to keep and be remembered the way I so choose.

Good life begins at 25. Hopefully.