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Palestine + Syria

Assalamualaikum and ahoy hoy

I am at loss for words when it comes to the fate of my fellow Muslims and survivors in Palestine and Syria. My problems will never be as big and deadly as yours, I apologize for being ungrateful sometimes. My du'a will always have reservations for you guys. May God let you win triumphantly.


Assalamualaikum to my muslim friends.
And to non muslim ones, Ahoy hoy.


Ramadhan is here again for the 25th year of my life. The experience of fasting at home is always have and always has been amazing. I do not degrade fasting everywhere else, but home is where the heart is. Got the chance to be calm and read Quran once again. I started a few days ago, and my aim to Khatam before Ramadhan ends, hopefully. :) Now, I've got to Surah An-Nisa, the third surah. I should read the meanings too, but haven't got the chance to do that (or am I procrastinating again? hmm. Bad move, CK).

Anyways, I want to wish a great fasting month of Ramadhan to all muslims, regardless of race and age. Let's make this month the greatest month of our devotion to Allah, shall we?

And to my non muslim friends, I bet you miss having lunch with us. ;) Well, we can eat together again on Eid Adha. 27 more days to go!!! :D