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Suck lemons, old man.

Some people just should not be a public figure. Some people who already in power should step down if they suck at what they currently doing. Even more so, when that job's effect, affects so many people of all walks of life. Just saying. He shouldn't continue doing it.

Till debt do us part.


Today I want to discuss about the ever increasing of collective student debt all across this nation. In Malaysia, when a high school graduate get accepted into university, either public or private, one matter does overtake even their own interest at pursuing their education. And that is, school fees. School fees are also growing each year because of the rapid economic downturn and the unstable Ringgit value. Since we are relying most of our information and resources based on the education overseas (via books, notes, videos, and so forth), the fees also fluctuates based on how much they cost to be hailed down here.

In my personal experience, when I get the offer letter of going into one of the public universities local to this country, it costs just above 80,000 Ringgit. However, since I got into a public school, I got a discount that only costs me and my parents around 1300 Ringgit per semester, accumulating to almost a few hundred below 8,000 Ringgit. The rest of them are paid f…

post dream pondering


hi hi :)

had a weird dream today. the part i remembered started like this. i was in a group discussion with a few friends in a room. and then, teacher or lecturer (i have no idea where i am at this point) asked us that she wants to place four of her students to have exam in the room we're in. and then i realized something, i haven't printed my exam slip! oh crap, i think. went looking around this really huge place (like a uni, but i don't see other people much or any sign that it's a uni) looking for places for me to print that slip. went to the health centre, asked if i could come in. i came in, went through this really narrow space to walk, bumped into a few things and broke a vase. god help me. and then, i went inside and saw that they have no computer. crap. and then, i went to some sort of an exhibition booth or something. touched the mousepad and realized, it was on for an exhibition about forest or something. haha. the dude next to it asked me if i wante…