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Ranting of a teacher's daughter


Happy Malaysia Day, Malaysians! Hoping that we can maintain this amazing understanding and discard the bad things or people and live towards the greater future of this country.

Not to forget, I have a few friends who tied the knots these past days, I wish you guys all the luck in the world, cherish your new life partner, and you should consider them a part of you already. Till death do us part vow meant till death do you part. Love them then like you love them now.

Done with wishes, I'd like to express how disappointing it was seeing the exam questions of UPSR got leaked. Two papers were leaked, English and Science. The kids have to retake the English paper 20 days after they already finished answering the said paper. I have no one to blame here. Sometimes bad timing made people do bad things. For the kids, don't blame anyone. It won't solve this problem. Soldier on, kids. If you can live with bad news like this in your early life, you can handle anything in your adul…