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R.I.P. Oberyn, my sweet prince.

To all GoT fans, rejoice. For it is confirmed that the beloved series will be continued for Season 5 and 6.

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room. How in God's green earth did Oberyn Martell lose that fight? Oberyn was everything great, he's a prince from Dorn, a ladies man, a great fighter, and hates Lannisters and The Mountain. What's bad about him is he is dead now.

How could you leave us, Oberyn?

I hope that Twyin would see in his dead-heart that Tyrion is so much more than just an imp. He's mentally advanced far more than anybody on King's Landing except Tywin himself. He's just too valuable to be discarded now. Plus, he's a Lannister. The one who should be killed is Cersei, that disgusting brother-humping woman. I hated her with a passion.

Anyway, Arya's epic laugh at the bloody gate left me and my brother smiling all along. So sorry about the death, Hound. Ha ha..

Good night loves, xx. Good night my prince, sleep tight.

Something to read.


So, there's this one blog that I've been reading since college even I did fail to kept myself updated with each post written,

His ideas, seems a lot more radical than other people. Some people blog about movies, celebrity gossips, and sometimes something even more trivial than that. But him, he's there to spark interest for us to think in ways we haven't been before and kept us doing so for years. A great writer always does that. Timeless piece.

It's hard to find blogs that aren't one sided especially the political blogs. I'm always a lot more upset after I read them thinking how they are lost in the stories they wrote, while they know, our lives are a lot shorter than we want them to, and the only thing we could do is not make things worse.

If you are searching for something to read that is not simple, and written in a way that you could understand, that's somewhere to visit.

Have a great day, xx.