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Immortality: yes or no

What if, one day in the future, humans who died are not literally dead. The living could still have their loved ones present in a different form, but still alive. Uploading consciousness onto a computer has been an idea thrown around quite a lot these day. We can no longer have to imagine what that looks like, because recently there's a movie made just about that. It's called Transcendence.

I used to love any movie with Johnny Depp in it. But now, in this particular movie, it's like they're force feeding us this idea that human consciousness can be uploaded to a computer and enter the internet as an ethical move. It made me despise Depp. They're using him to tell us this absurd and disgusting idea of not letting the dead stay dead. They're trying to tell us that immortality is an achievable target, leaving behind the ethical question whether we should or should not do it.

The leading lady played well as a distraught widow who just lost her husband. Let me just…

Poor vs Rich

Have you ever wonder what it feels like to own everything you have ever wanted? I have never experienced it personally. Small elation for achieving things I am able to do, yes. But never felt as if I owned the world. To be honest, I am quite afraid to know what it feels like. I might be arrogant to other humans and to the God if I am. That is why probably God never gave me something more than I bargained for. And yes, I do believe that he knows better. But I bet some people have felt that way. Some people whose weddings costs more than my family makes for a whole year, for those who eat expensive food at six star hotels, who slept on satin covered pillow, snoring their problems away within a room which bills could easily feed a group of school children and bought them all their academic needs for all the time they would be having at that school, and people who travels in private planes whilst others were counting whether the only remaining two dollars in their torn out wallet would b…