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Isn't it weird that he won't text me or call me or send me whatever on social medias, but would have tweets converse with my twin? 

Hello twilight zone
I miss you

I know you liked our pics a few days ago
I don't know if you still remember how it was
We were the best of friends
People often mistook us for couples
But we deny it as often
Because it's just absurd

We went everywhere together
If you wouldn't go, I wouldn't too
If you say yes, I'd gladly be there with you
Just having you around
It's the most amazing feeling ever
Knowing that
I'm not alone

You don't text me
Never call me
Don't care about my posts
But I
Still browse your timelines
Still like your posts 
Because I don't know if you ever want me back

Do you want me back?
Or you just don't care anymore?

Old friend
Don't die on me
Keep me safe
And sound
Till the end of time