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Hi hi..

So, I know I haven't been able to always post some things for you guys, but today I have a special topic that I want to share. This area is particularly new for me, and it would help if you guys could leave your opinion in the comment section. (Doesn't exactly happen all the time, I know, but no harm done in asking, right? ;] ) Do you know the feeling when you have to work with people that are related to you? (i.e. brother, cousin, uncle) Do you feel okay with it or do you feel somehow heavy in your heart or maybe a little bit hesitant about it? Because I'm kinda thrown into it, and I can't find a way to say that I'm not exactly glad to be in this arrangement.

I do have work experiences even though none of them is what I consider something I want to do long term. My past gigs involves working as a cashier at a supermarket and a temporary work as a substitute teacher. Since then, my brothers have numerous times tried and tried convincing me to find a job. I…