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Great voice.

So, there's this new guy whose voice captivated me with just singing 'ooh..ooh'. His name is John Newman. He's 23 years old this year and from Settle, United Kingdom. His first album is out NOW and it's called TRIBUTE. This album is actually out last year and he's made an impact since. He's gone big in the UK, and soon he'll be known worldwide.

Here's his song, the most famous, and nominated for Brit Award for British Single, Love Me Again.

But this one is my personal favorite. It doesn't come with the drums, but I like it better this way. :) Enjoy!

*you won't regret this. I promise you.



I'm so excited about this. I'm confessing to you that I finished watching all 3 seasons of American Horror Stories (I do skip over inappropriate parts, okay. Don't speculate. :] ).

Although I am excited to see how creative they are at recycling actors, it's nice to see the plot unravel slowly from the first episode to the final. Gory yes, but it didn't make me vomit or anything. So, still acceptable.

But, I do not recommend watching this to anyone if you can't handle this kind of story. You'll hate me for it.

I'm still not sure why I'm so excited about it. :D

Good night everybody.