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'When will you get married?'


As a 25 (denying adamantly I'm 26 this year) year old girl, I'm quite lucky I don't get asked this question a lot since I look a lot like a minor. Strangers often call me out as a high school kid, and on a bad day, a 12 year old. However, my extended family do know how old I really am. And I get this question from them.

Although I don't exactly mind them asking, I would love for them to consider themselves in my place. I mean, I'm 25, I don't have a boyfriend much less a candidate for a husband, and I'm living with my parents. Who doesn't want to get married? To have that one person who would go through everything with me (I hope he does want me to get really involved in his life too *wink*) and make it to our old days, sitting at the front porch yelling at kids to stop stepping onto our lawn.


But seriously though, I don't expect a marriage full of perfect stories like in the dramas, but I hope to get this person that doesn't mind m…

Life of a university graduate

Hey hey..

It's been 4 months since I graduated. I didn't go to the convocation ceremony due to lack of expenses and the time was just wrong for me. I did go to my twin's convocation day though. Don't think I can handle being in a room full of people, and walk on stage receiving my scroll with everyone's eyes on me. I might misstep and faceplant. However, that's all in the past.

This is my life now.

I don't have a job yet. Did fill a few applications for forester's position at a local research center. And I have a part time job of sub teaching which still has not call me for another gig. Filling my time by doing other people's assignments and got paid quite well per paper. I do house chores religiously or by request. And I'm bored out of my wits. My constant companions has been this blog, my phone, the few lame games in there, the internet, and the good ol' television. Other than that, I act as the lady-in-waiting for my mom and dad. Just to…

Hijab - Cover or not to cover?


I'm here because I have something in my mind. Something so essential that some people overlooked and torn a few hearts. Something that shouldn't even an issue- and now it's an issue.

Hijab- Cover or not to cover

Recently, we have been plagued by this question, what is the suitable hijab length for a government body?

One government body (not in particular to any government body) chose to hand out a weird looking hijab for the use of its officials. How weird is this hijab? Well, the front is quite long as it reached below the navel. However, the width of this front section is what baffles some. It only covers the middle section of the chestal area while the proper hijab will cover the chestal area and should be as wide as the owner prefers them to be. Now, the back. Even worse. I doesn't even reach the middle of one's back. If it flaps in the wind, men walking by could get a glimpse of your hair which is supposedly inside!

What's worse is they m…


Hey everybody!

First off, I want to congratulate all STPM students. You guys survived Form 6! That is just so cool. When I was 18, I don't have the guts to take Form 6. I know I'd sucked, or worse, fails miserably. So, I gambled and I went to Matriculation College instead. What a dumb move. Literally. My graduation CGPA for college was barely enough to continue into uni, and somehow after applying for countless (eh, just 8) I got UMS! And the rest is like what they say, 'the rest is history'.

One thing though. What you got right now (if the result is bad) is not the final result you could get. There's always room for improvement. Trust me. I know it and learned it the hard way. You could always get back on the horse, and throttle forward. I know you might get the dump courses if your result is quite low, but so what? You did something for yourself, and that's what should make you proud. What happens next is entirely up to you. Be brave. Make mistakes. Then and…