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Life of a sub

Hey hey..
I've never worked longer than five days before this in my life. And now, I have! I've just finished the third week of my sub teaching period, and I'm an official one since I just got my offer letter today. Exciting stuff.
I don't know how to teach. I can't teach someone to write a sentence in English to save my life. I just don't know how. But, three weeks of barely teaching and mostly sitting on my arse, my opinion on teaching shifts just a bit. All I know, mingling with kids are fun. With restricted age though. 13 to 19 only. 

Never thought that I would qualify to be a sub teacher. Much less to be working in a religious school as this one. Quite intimidating, I should say. I came from an moderately religious family. We don't take the heavy subjects on religion such as Quran studies, Hadiths, and others. So, to be there, mixing myself with said teachers and said students, did make me feel quite inferior. 
I plan to wing it. And I did.