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No-Name Sandwich for Iftar

Hi guys!

Since it's Ramadhan and I'll be cooking and making food most of the time, I'm going to share with you one of my go to recipe when it comes to sandwich. I don't know if it has a name yet elsewhere, but this is how I make it.

Ingredients for filling:
Crab meat
Black Pepper
Garlic Pepper (if you like it)

Salad or cucumber (sliced)

Whatever you like, but I use White Bread or Whole Wheat

How to make it:

1. Hard boil the eggs. Estimate the eggs by how many sandwiches you want to make. Steam the crab meat but careful do not get it too soft or the fillings would look mushy.

2. Put hard boiled eggs and crab meat inside food processor. Don't blend. Just pulse them a few times so it get to the desired look you want. Add mayonnaise, salt, black pepper, and garlic pepper.

3. Put the vegetables first. Spread the fillings between two slices of bread. It looks great if cut into club sandwich style cut.

4. Ready for eating.

Have fun …
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I think I'm going to tell you stories. So many posts before this, actually most of them are some other people's stories. This time it's mine.

My father suffered from stroke. He had the third strike of stroke last year, in September. It was quite severe because on that day, left-half of his body doesn't quite respond to anything. Even the left half of his face drooped down a little bit, leaving him with an uneven facial strength and response.

Let's skip to after all the hospital treatment and rehabilitation process. To be honest, rehab doesn't last very long because it is strenuous and tiring. To an old man, rehab is like a challenge each day that they no longer have the will to take on. So, after one session each he said he no longer wants to continue doing rehab because as he said, "too stressed out". And as a caregiver, all I can do is follow the patient's request.

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I thought I already know everything that happened in it. Turns out, most of the time my eyes are glued to the screen, not even moving for anything else scared that I might lose one tiny moment of screen time.

I first saw Bilbo writing in his journal, and everything and between until the last scene at Grey Haven where Frodo said goodbye to Sam, Merry, and Pippin for he has to follow Galadriel, Bilbo, and Gandalf for the other land by ship. Oh, I cried. I cried and cried. Almost got a soggy face after all that crying.

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kenapa sedap sangat suara Anuar Zain ni... Aku takleh stop dengar lagu dia yang tajuk Cinta Harus Memiliki. Lagi sedap dari lagu latest dia yang Cinta Takkan Berakhir. Lagu yang aku cakap aku suka ni memang boleh buat kita rasa sedih sebab bayangkan dia nak sangat dengan someone ni, tapi keadaan tak mengizinkan. Jadi kena lupakan, masalahnya nak lupakan susah dan sakit sangat. Aku sebenarnya tak pernah rasa benda macam tu. Bukan apa, aku cuma kadang-kadang terasa nak bahagia lain daripada sekarang ni, dan rasa pedih macam dalam lagu tu. Aku cuma nak rasa je macam mana.

Apalaa yang kau mengarut ni Ain oi hahahaha :D


Why do I enjoy feeling sad ?
Why do I watch videos that make me cry?
Why do look forward to listening to sad songs/arrangement over and over and over again?
Why do I imagine myself being in that tight spot, where I can't get out or have to die or worse?
Why do I like men that portray bad characters?
Why do I pretend to be hurt, to be in pain?
Why do I pretend like I'm okay?
Why do I feel like I'm holding on to nothing?

These are some of the questions that's bothering me today. I have no idea why I do these things, and why I insists on doing it even though it bothers me that these questions remain unanswered.

I guess life is not meant to have nothing happen in / uneventful. You just create things in your mind when you have nothing exciting happening in real life. Just so to maintain your sanity, your mind create these moments so you could put some sort of value to your existence even though it all only exists in your mind.

Who says if it only exists in your mind, it'…

Life is harder for some people.

Recently, I've been sort of obsessed with documentaries about British people who are on benefit and young pregnant girls. I feel like they are stuck in their circumstances and even though they feel desperate to get out of it, they simply don't have any idea on how to do it. Even worse when their benefit being cut off from the many policy changes enforced throughout the country. It's like when you're already at the bottom of the hill and some people just decided to dig out some hole for you and place you in it, at least that's how I feel about it.

I'm not blind that these things also happen in my own country. They are plenty of homeless people in Kuala Lumpur, got plenty of people who are living on the breadline over here in my area. These things happen everywhere I guess. It's just that Britain have always been seen as a big country with lots of resources, and it just didn't cross my mind that they would so many homeless people, or young homeless peopl…