Aku perlu kurangkan berat. Hmm.


Ever heard of these boys?

I've been following of this band called Our Last Night for a while. At first, I listened their covers on YouTube. Their cover of Adele's Skyfall is probably my favorite, but that was before I found their original work. The first favorite of their work is Same Old War, then Sunrise and now, Reason To Love. Great voice work, and even greater lyrics. It's real and definitely not pop. So, take a spin guys. :)

     These two are brothers, and they sound amazing together.
      Have a listen ;)

Credit: One Last Night Youtube Channel

I worked. For a little.

Salam, and hi.

I just got home after two weeks and two days layover at my brother's house in Seri Kembangan. Had a gig (temp job) at a university, I helped invigilating the exams. The experience was an eye-opener, because I get to see the albeit very limited view of what happens day to day in that particular university, I still get to know the inner workings of it. I met and worked hand in hand with people of different ethnicity, knowing what it feels like wake up everyday at 5.35 a.m. and get ready to work, rushing to the venues, distributing papers, attending to students' needs, and packing everything up before we leave the place. My feet felt absolutely in pain for the first few days, and numb for the days after.

But I have credit my brother, for his patience and his excitement, and his kept down disagreement and upset for seeing me having to go home immediately after I finished my work on Tuesday. He kept saying that I'll forget him, and his place. Brother, know this.…

What do we need?

How is it you always plan to do something, it ended up halfway or even worse abandoned at the inception. I've always wanted to be a writer, but always afraid that I would not be very good at it. My twin of course applauded me for every single thing I've wrote, but I think she's just doing her duty as a sister to support me, however nasty my work really is. I thank her for that. Sometimes, even though the world thinks of you as a two sided turd, you need someone who loves you unconditionally and nods approval for what you do no matter how shitty it turns out. That way, you never thought of yourself as someone being on the bottom of the barrel, even the truth is you're an inch away from the bottom.

My point is, we all need supporters. One, or two, or many, it doesn't matter as long as you have some.

I've never seen someone who has no support at all, but probably I'm surrounded by people that loves connection. Never really met a hermit, that cuts off the outs…


Currently, I'm reading this book that its movie going to be in the cinemas in September this year. The title is Miss Peregrine's Home of Peculiar Children. So far I'm halfway into it and the plot so far is amazing. Can't wait for the second half. :)

Things to Ponder 2

Hello everyone. For the second Things to Ponder, I'd like to talk about this little thing called diversion. Let's get into it. For years now, we've been 'babied' by a small group of people. These people gave us news wrapped in candies, sugar, and everything sweet but underneath all that, is the rotten truth of what our world really is. We were told that we're doing great, but the truth is we are at the brink of collapse. Some of us might not notice it yet, but we are being targeted by some big powers looking to occupy us like we used to. Remember that? Millions suffering, people killed with no solid base whatsoever, women and girls raped and then killed, and many more who worked for the powers that be even if they are unwilling for this thing called staying alive. 

There are so many problems that normally seen in the crevices of life is being brought up to the surface by way of news or social media. While the more important and life changing news are left in the…