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What would you do?

One day, you woke up and it's apocalypse day
What would you do?
Would you find a safe haven for yourself
Or would you help the ones in need and find your safe haven

If apocalypse doesn't claim your life
Would you sit in the cave
Or would you go outside
Find the solutions you need
Whatever source of life and save whatever you can salvage
Even if it means

We wouldn't know what we would do
Because you and me
We have what we need
We don't have a care of what happens elsewhere
What's happening in the war worlds
Happen to you

What would you do?

*send help, or prayers. both works fine.

Another one. When will it end?

I guess you've heard about the helicopter crash involving the national VIPs. I'm not going to discuss on the rumors you may or may not have catch swirling about. I want to offer my sincere condolences to the family affected by this. These people, whom we barely know were told to have been given their tremendous effort in helping the established government. I do not care what they have or have not done before, all I care is no one is supposed to leave the world like that. No one should. Doesn't matter how bad they are. Even less if they're good. 
Honestly, this country should crank up its security systems so that this would not happen again. On the other hand, if things are going to happen, it's going to happen anyway regardless of what we do. Whatever it is, even if it does happen, we need to know why and how it happens just so we could design some sort of preventive measure for safety. 
I hate tragedies. I hope it would end.