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I fucked up.

In the last post, I told you I was asked to teach my cousin's daughter some English. And two classes after, I mentioned about fees. Before that I asked my siblings how much should I charge per class. And they said, I should charge by hour. RM 30/Hr. And since each class was an hour and a half, each session should cost them RM 45. Told the mom, and she said this rate is too expensive. I said, I'm teaching her everything I know and I want to help her be better in English and whatever that might cost me (time, sleep, commitment, etc.), I don't mind as long as I got paid. And they said, they'd think of it first.

After a few days, she (the girl) came over for a session. This time, she mentioned that each session will be cut short to an hour only and she came forth bringing the fee for the past classes which is RM 90.

After that, she gives so much excuse to come. I know she wants to learn. Did I charge too much? I mean, her mom said that they used to pay RM 15 …