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Making history


If you're alert to global news, you'd know that some parts of my country is currently almost or completely submerged underwater. According to the weather centre, this is due to heavy rain and accumulating cloud that prevents the heat from the sun to reach the surface of the earth, therefore making drainage a bit hard. At the same time, the ocean in the present moment is on current, which also prevents the excess water to flow straight into the sea. Easier to say, the ocean is full.

Thankfully, this no-drainage season will end soon. The sun will shine again. The rain will stop falling down. And the people who are affected can finally go home and do whatever they can to make their life back to what it was again.

Honestly, I'm worried. This has never happened to me before. I'm not affected since I'm on West Malaysia, but the ones on the East Malaysia, they know the real carnage of this flood. They said that it's the biggest and the worst since 1990s. That i…

The End and The Beginning

wedding season.

end of this year.

I love you the most.

month I was born.

the greatest slow song by Linkin Park.

the release of so many great films.

looking ahead for January.

p/s: can't wait for 2015. nervous of what the changes might be.

Happy School Holiday, Kids!

Hey hey...

What's up everybody?

 It's been a week into school holiday. How're you celebrating your holiday, kids? I hope that you'll have some fun and do something worthwhile and not just dilly dallying all day. Because as you'll soon notice, school holiday doesn't last as long as you want them to. If you don't keep your eyes open, next week could be the last week of school holiday, and then you'd feel as if you're on the edge of something, as you don't want to go to school too soon. I know of this experience first hand, kids. I know what it feels like of not wanting to go to school. Especially, when you're in boarding school. Man, how I wish I was in daily school like the rest of them. But, I survived well. Haha.

Since my mom is a grandmother, when school holiday comes, our house automatically becomes holiday destination if you have no other places or activities planned. I don't mind. I love having them around. Adjusting to the amount …