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Life of a sub 2

Hey hey..

So, I promised you an update on my life as the sub, didn't I? I apologize for not updating sooner. For those who read this blog, I say, thanks mate!

My period as the sub ended on 16th of November 2014. The few final weeks were spent invigilating exams. Fun, because instead of walking around hawking over kids trying to get the answers outta their heads, I get to finish a novel! Hahaha. Not too good, I know. But, who cares, right? Nobody watches over me.

At the same time, I have to watch over form 3 students since it's after their PT3 exam. They no longer have classes to attend to, their teachers were involved in invigilating SPM and STPMs, and all that is left was me and a few other teachers. They get to play volleyball! Cool isn't it?

For my final day, we had a meeting that lasts till 5 pm. God, it was torture! I don't even know how my mom endure this stuff in her days as a teacher, not to mention she was a principle once. I mean, seriously. You've had a…