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Things to Ponder 2

Hello everyone. For the second Things to Ponder, I'd like to talk about this little thing called diversion. Let's get into it. For years now, we've been 'babied' by a small group of people. These people gave us news wrapped in candies, sugar, and everything sweet but underneath all that, is the rotten truth of what our world really is. We were told that we're doing great, but the truth is we are at the brink of collapse. Some of us might not notice it yet, but we are being targeted by some big powers looking to occupy us like we used to. Remember that? Millions suffering, people killed with no solid base whatsoever, women and girls raped and then killed, and many more who worked for the powers that be even if they are unwilling for this thing called staying alive. 

There are so many problems that normally seen in the crevices of life is being brought up to the surface by way of news or social media. While the more important and life changing news are left in the basement or even worse, buried so that people would be busy trying to solve these small problems and letting the bigger ones grow higher and worse and eventually be too big for us to handle. One could only think of the waste of energy spent on solving little feuds which if being used efficiently, could even solve the biggest problem. The hinder to that we're busy chasing our own dreams that we forgot we belong to the highest order of animal on this earth, Homo Sapien. We need to solve our own problems because we only have one place to live. Forget helpful aliens like in 'The Day The Earth Stood Still'. There's no Keanu Reeves looking alien coming to help us. It's time we keep our shit together and throw shit that are useless to us. 

Finally, good luck to all of us because believe it or not whether Hillary or Donald wins, we're screwed. 

Good day.  


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Daddies, your daughters adore you.


Hmm, this type of posts always comes with a 'but'. If I want to say I'm writing this because of personal experience, that wouldn't be entirely correct. I bet most of daughters feels this, or have felt this.

we adore you. But please don't get mad at us for things we've done nothing wrong of. If we are, sure. We completely understand. But please don't do it if we're not guilty.

we adore you. But don't use sarcasm to get what you want. Just tell us nicely what you want us to do, and we'll do it for you. We grew up being told what to do nicely and politely, and we do the same to other people. To be told sarcastically by you is a pain in our hearts. Yet, we do it anyway. Why? Because we adore you.

we adore you. But please listen when what you do is wrong or questionable. We listened to you when we was growing up, why can't you give us the fair chance, by just listening to what we have to say? It is not difficult, we promise.

One of the most messed up things I've ever watched is...

Recently, I watched The Handmaid's Tale, an adaptation of a book with the same title by Margaret Atwood made by Hulu Originals. It's about Offred, a Handmaid who's job is to bore children for one of the leader of the community of Gilead, Commander Fred Waterford. Mrs. Waterford is sterile, as most of the women in this story which is set in present time. Offred is one of many Handmaids. She was caught while trying to run away from Gilead with her husband and daughter. She is stuck in the house of Commander Waterford and forced to perform sex with him so she'd get pregnant. Women in this story doesn't have lots of rights, and some women hurt other women to keep them in line to do men's biddings.

It's messed up.

I don't what religion is behind the creation of Gilead, and I want to know. It's not Islam for sure. For those who thinks otherwise, Islam is a religion that gives women rights. Women can have jobs, have possessions, and learn. Women are docum…