What do we need?

How is it you always plan to do something, it ended up halfway or even worse abandoned at the inception. I've always wanted to be a writer, but always afraid that I would not be very good at it. My twin of course applauded me for every single thing I've wrote, but I think she's just doing her duty as a sister to support me, however nasty my work really is. I thank her for that. Sometimes, even though the world thinks of you as a two sided turd, you need someone who loves you unconditionally and nods approval for what you do no matter how shitty it turns out. That way, you never thought of yourself as someone being on the bottom of the barrel, even the truth is you're an inch away from the bottom.

My point is, we all need supporters. One, or two, or many, it doesn't matter as long as you have some.

I've never seen someone who has no support at all, but probably I'm surrounded by people that loves connection. Never really met a hermit, that cuts off the outside world completely. Maybe one day I'd meet one, I mean I'd love to meet one. I'd ask them so many questions like 'What made you quit society?' or 'Do you need people?' or 'Do you feel its hard to connect with people in real life?'. Everybody needs people that connects with them, because even if you live a city full of people, the chance of meeting someone that's nice to you is quite difficult since people love to mind their own business. That should be the last thing we do today, because believe it or not, we are told to mind our business so that we'd have this herd mentality that they want us to have, and not to do what we want, even if it means bringing down people who brainwashes us everyday.

Love people, people. We are all we have.


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