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One of the most messed up things I've ever watched is...

Recently, I watched The Handmaid's Tale, an adaptation of a book with the same title by Margaret Atwood made by Hulu Originals. It's about Offred, a Handmaid who's job is to bore children for one of the leader of the community of Gilead, Commander Fred Waterford. Mrs. Waterford is sterile, as most of the women in this story which is set in present time. Offred is one of many Handmaids. She was caught while trying to run away from Gilead with her husband and daughter. She is stuck in the house of Commander Waterford and forced to perform sex with him so she'd get pregnant. Women in this story doesn't have lots of rights, and some women hurt other women to keep them in line to do men's biddings.

It's messed up.

I don't what religion is behind the creation of Gilead, and I want to know. It's not Islam for sure. For those who thinks otherwise, Islam is a religion that gives women rights. Women can have jobs, have possessions, and learn. Women are documented to have been a source of reference, not just by other women but also men. Prophet Muhammad's first wife, Siti Khadijah was a successful merchant even before she met him. Even then, women are successful and continues to do so now. Women are not there just to give birth. Women are more than that.

I do believe the ability of conceiving is a gift that not everyone has. But to use women as a commodity like in THT is so wrong. In one episode, they even discuss about trading Handmaid's to other countries to spike up birth rate. Unbelievable.

I will continue on this as season two unveils next year. Till then, don't give up to bastards.


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Today is the second wedding of my cousin. She got married to a guy she knew back in high school and they had like a meet-cute on Facebook. It was a quaint and intimate affair, not a lot of people were invited. Most of us are family or close friends. Glad to know this guy is up to be an instant-daddy to her three kids. She's luckier than most, I'd say.

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Goodnight everyone.

Hugs and kisses, :)